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Pomona college essay forum

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How to Write the Pomona College Essays Check out the Pomona College Application Essays for work and enjoy sparking heated debates and forums amongst students. Why do you think it would be important for the Pomona student body to be exposed to this debate? Begin in the heat of the moment, describing your reading or researching with intensity, and use figurative language to convey feelings and sensory detail. Definitely grades hurt, and the lack of a diverse ethnic background made it worse. I wish the best of luck to anyone else applying!

How to Write the Pomona College Essays 2018-2019

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal. As such, you are not being asked to write another deep piece about your childhood or an issue that matters to you— you should have already covered such topics in your Common Application. I remember being really nervous for December 1st, lurking on college confidential and reading these results threads. Eager in this context can be conflated with driven, thoughtful with aware, and reverent with respectful. It boasts a tight-knit community of diverse students both in their background as well as academic interests. When you explain your reasoning, any word that you choose will become important. Sign up now to review essays and improve you writing skills. All articles are licensed with a Creative Commons license. How to Write the Pomona College Essays While the prompt seems to limit you to online searches or books you dove into, feel free to divert from this path a little. Loved the article? I also just wanted to add on the part of demonstrated interest that even if the CDS says it doesn't matter that much it definitely makes a difference! Sagehens have 48 majors to choose from , and access to classes throughout the Consortium provides over 2, courses. Real reaches, safeties, and matches from the class of ' Any post that implies asking for odds or chances to get into any school s will be removed. Floristic studies pertaining to the western United States and areas of comparable climate and vegetation are also featured. I wish the best of luck to anyone else applying! Harvey Mudd College. Counselor Rec: I'm guessing very well written! If you are undecided, make sure to explain why you would like to explore your options at Pomona in particular, and be careful to still mention some opportunities, classes, and potential majors you will explore during your early years at Pomona. Think about what message you really want to deliver to the admission committee, and as you read through what you have written, ask yourself if those messages are coming through. A related current journal is the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. Pomona College is one of the best liberal arts college in the United States. On the contrary, Pomona analyzes the application on a need-aware basis for.

Pomona college essay forum - Journals | Scholarship @ Claremont | Claremont Colleges Research

I've been a nerd for my entire life and I had a good time talking about my geology obsession. I went ahead and changed the essay so it only covered a single semester. If you're reading this, it's because you want the best for your future. Wrap it up by saying what you would do with a Pomona degree in that field. Privacy Feedback Directory. I really loved Pomona, but I'm happy that I will be traveling east for college now! Performance Practice Review PPR is a blind, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of Western musical performance practices. Post-Application and College Life. Got an extra rec from my piano teacher Juilliard DMA who vouched for my playing since I chose not to submit a music supplement. Finally, I glance at the stopwatch and slam the object onto the table. Scripps College. Counselor Rec: I don't know if it was amazing, but it was probably better than average. Learn more about our consultants. Claremont Graduate University. Both recs were great; I have a great relationship with my recommenders. The issue can be small-scale if it is important to you, e.

How to Write the Pomona College Essays 2016-2017

Other articles by CollegeVine. And remember, you will end up where you need to be and in the end, it's all about what YOU make of your college experience. Weaknesses: Extracurriculars. If you have taken Speech and Debate in high school, you might feel most comfortable with this prompt! Dlue14 9 replies 1 threads New Member. As mentioned before, any adjective you choose can be used to make a statement about who you are and what you believe in, but with this essay it is so important to be genuine. GPA: 3. Instead, use this space to be straightforward and direct. Counselor Rec: Generic. Congrats to everyone who was accepted, and best of luck to those who were not! Check out the Pomona College Application Essays for They were from my AP Lang teacher who has taught me for 4 years he's the one that messed up , and my French 12 teacher who helped sponsor my ASL and bee-keeping clubs. We review poetry, prose, and visual art at www.

***Official Pomona College Class of ED/EDII/RD Results Thread*** — College Confidential

Please don't base your worth on a college decision. This also includes essays inserted, in full or in part, into posts or comments. If you are undecided, you should still choose at least two or three subjects that you are vaguely interested in, and talk about why those fields have been of interest to you in the past. I was deferred from Brown, and after the deferral, even if I get accepted in the RD round, it is no longer binding. DreamforIvy replies 37 threads Member. Thank you for taking my suggestions into consideration. The word that comes to mind may not always seem significant, but choosing the fourth adjective is only the first part of conquering this essay. It is our hope that the work shared in the journal will inform and strengthen research everywhere. Share your favorite quote, and tell us what it means to you. Think of this essay as one that needs to answer three questions. This difference can manifest in skill-level disparities when you first joined a team sport and how you persevered, in a pronounced difference between you and a sibling that guided your family dynamic, etc. Trying to understand the college application process of selective schools can feel like driving find more quotes, and get lost down the rabbit hole of College Confidential's forums (don't do it!) . Pomona College, %. essay: critical writing at pomona college (Journals at Claremont) More broadly, we aim to provide a forum for both academic and informal discussions about.

This prompt is best for you if a specific experience with this difference played a formative, consistent role in your life. Pomona College admits domestic applicants U. FIVE is a collaborative partnership of the Writing Centers of the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges and the Claremont Colleges Library and is part of a larger network of online open access publications supported by the Claremont Colleges Library. Here is a package, a program of passwords. Some of the main themes of STEAM are fostering innovation, the need for twenty-first century skills, and divergent and convergent thinking. Before you dive into answering this question, remember that you are only given a 50 word limit. Sign up now to review essays and improve you writing skills. Glad this process is over and I can't wait for this fall. This is an open-access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or their institution. Deferred: Wharton ED. To support you in the application process, the Office of Admissions offers the following assistance: If you need an extension for the Nov. My new record. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If an extension is needed beyond the application deadline, please email admissions pomona. Counselor Rec: Generic. Scripps College. Counselor Rec: I don't know if it was amazing, but it was probably better than average. In recent years, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes have had a destructive impact on many of our applicants and current students. Asian male, no hooks. Introductory text for Careless Magazine. Teacher Recommendation: Most likely stellar. You may choose to answer one or all of the questions listed above, but take them more as prompting guidelines. Decision: Accepted! Environmental club.

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